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Virtual Graveyards

I recently listened to a podcast called Forest 404 about technology in the modern era. It is a fictional podcast but they bring in experts to talk about the issues discussed within the story. In one episode, they talked aout how the internet is like a virtual graveyard and that people are starting to look at actual cemetries and how they manage space in order to manage the massive amounts of data that is stored on the internet from people no longer alive. It made me think about what would happen to my accounts after I died. On facebook, the accounts of people I know, who have passed away, become like a memorial to the person, with people still wishing them happy birthday and writing tributes to them on their wall. Yet everything they posted is still there. It made me think about what would happen if we didn't bury people and just left them as they died, like with these ghost accounts.

A while back a stumbled upon some images of the Franklin expedition mummies. The three mummies were all that was left of an Arctic exploration. The bodies were perfectly preserved in the ice, but they created a really horrifying image. I decided to use the faces of these mummies in my next piece as they were quite good references to create a preserved body that could be believable.

I think that in this piece, I wanted to explore what would happen if we just left the dead where they were. I added a crow aswell, as a harbringer of death. I think theres also a bit of humour in this print since I placed a mummy that was preserved in ice on the beach which I will try and play on with my title.

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