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I am an artist that lives and works in Derbyshire. At the moment I am particularly interested in printmaking with a focus on stone lithography. Art has always been a part of my life but I didn’t start to take it seriously until sixth form where I found a love for creating images. At university, I discovered printmaking, a process I hadn’t previously been introduced to. For me, printmaking represented a perfect cross between science and art. The processes involved in printmaking, especially in intaglio and lithography, fascinated me. Through learning these techniques, I got to develop my own ideas and style in a way I previously hadn’t been able to explore.

Much of my work is inspired by the media I consume. From a young age I have been captivated with horror movies. Many of my pieces incorporate elements from these films. When I was a child, I would often watch Jan Svankmejer’s Alice. I often cite this film as the start of my interest in the macabre. I was enraptured with the disturbing stop motion animation and dreamlike, disembodied feel to the whole film. It continues to inspire many of my pieces today.

My work is often dark and unsettling. I combine old victorian or edwardian photos with surreal elements to create a new unnerving image. I’m interested in the idea of using the past to reflect the present. Many of my pieces are intended to reflect what is going on in the world today. I’m also interested in incorporating horror elements to create an image. What we fear often reveals what we find important. We fear anonymity because we care about being recognised as a person by our peers. We fear loss because we care about the things we hold dear. In these uncertain times I think that it’s important to examine these fears in order to show what we truly care about.

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