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The Wedding

So I have finished my big stone that my tutor gave me. It took a long time to draw up but I think it turned out really well. When I was deciding what would go on this stone, I decided to do something that has been on my mind recently. I realised this year that I am asexual. This is somehting that I have struggled with in the past since there really isn't very much information about asexuality in the media. A lot of people take a while to realise they are asexual because it is so unheard of and society is so centred around romance and relationships. I wanted to do a piece on this because it is something that is very personal to me and honestly, its also something that I havent quite come to terms with. In the piece, I am going to show a wedding with a faceless groom. You are told your whole life that one day you will find the one and have a dream wedding and all that jazz. This is the faceless man I was meant to marry. I also made the bride in the piece look upset. I don't want this to look like a happy occasion.

I also started doing the mezzotints this week. Its been over a year since I've done any etching at all so it was really fun to remind myself of the process. The process I was doing was to create a faux mezzotint. To do this, first the ground is applied then lots of little holes are punctured in it by rolling it through the press with some snadpaper. The plate is then etched for an hour and voila, you have a mezzotint plate. I haven't yet been able to start the images yet but I'm very excited to. It will be a nice change from lithogrpahy because I will have to take a reductive approach to creating the images rather than additive.

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