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Shadowy Figures

I just finished drawing up what I think will be my last stone of the semester. This drawing is the smallest one I've done, partly because I want to enter it into the Derby Print Open at the end of the month. They only allow prints that are A3 or smaller so I had to account for that in my measurements.

This print features my littlest sister who is only 6. She happily posed for me so I could have some reference photos. I got the idea for this print when I was playing hide and seek with her. I remember runnning away as she counted when she was facing the corner and it looked pretty creepy. If you think about it, hide and seek is an odd game. It doesnt have really any developmental benefits for modern day society but you can see how it would be useful if we were still hunter gatherers. The game feels like a leftover from a time when we had to be good at stalking prey. I wanted to use this visual for my next print.

In all my previous prints, the figures in the background have been more like silent watchers than actually dangerous however in this one, the figure seems to be more threatening. I've always added these figures to create a sense of unease in a piece. They are almost like easter eggs that the audience can look for. However in this piece, the figure takes center stage. In my mind I've always equated the figures in the background with this feeling that everything you do is being monitored. I wanted to bring the figure to the foreground because to me they are more sinister and potentially dangerous.

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