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Technology and horror

My next stone is partially based on a horror film I have watched recently called His House. The film centers around a couple who are refugees to the UK. They get a council house and it turns out that they are haunted by a demon from their past who seems to live in the walls of their new house. I really liked this idea of something living in the walls. I think that the feeling of always being watched is especially applicable to today as technology gets more and more integrated with our lives. Its almost impossible to have true privacy today without cutting yourself off from society completely. This is something that is worrying to me, because the way that the data is used to advertise to us and create a tailored experience for each person has started to polarise us. There is an excellent documentary called The Social Dilema that I have seen. It talks to people in the field and many of them are worried about what they have created. I think I have discussed before how many of my pieces have this ever present watcher, almost like they have caused the things to happen within the piece. I might try and delve more into the how technology is harming us in my pieces as I think its a rich vein of ideas.

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