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I've always had an interest in art but I never really considered it properly till A-Levels. I took the subject because I simply couldn't imagine not doing it. My other subjects, maths, further maths and computing (yes, I know, I am a dreadful nerd) seemed more viable. Everyone tells you that art wont make you money; that the chances of becoming successful in this field are incredibly slim. In the end, what cinched it for me was the fact that I just wasn't ready to give it up. I knew that if I chose another subject, such as maths, I wouldn't feel half as fulfilled. Part of what attracts (and terrifies) me about art is that it is so personal. I'm reminded of a quote from the New York Times article, I Know What You Think Of Me - "if we want the rewards of being loved we have to submit to the mortifying ordeal of being known." And it is mortifying. Every piece I make feels like I'm baring a piece of my soul. To look at my work is to know me.

If I look back at my high school work, it feels like reading an old diary. I was reflecting what was happening at the time, although not always consciously. I remember making this piece when I was feeling particularly trapped and unsure what I wanted in life. At the time, I was insistent that it was about the trappings of the patriarchy but looking back it has many other meanings to me. It makes me wonder what a future me will see in the pieces I'm creating now with the benefit of hindsight.

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