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RBA and new stones

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

I finished my next stone last night. It is an image of some ghost children. It was suprisingly hard to draw because without their bodies, the clothes didnt quite look right no matter how many times I tried to change them. In the end, I had to change the tone of a few items because they didnt look right against the background. I'm quite pleased with the outcome and its always fun to draw grass.

Today I dropped off my two stones and managed to get a look at the one I dropped off last week. My tutors had managed to etch it and it looked pretty good. I was sad to see that I lost some of the texture on the floor, maybe the etch wasn't strong enough because it had rolled up a bit dark for my liking. They said that they're going to proof it on Monday so I'll get another look at it then and make a decision as to whether I want to give it a stronger etch or scratch back into it.

One last thing before I end this post. Back in January, I applied to the RBA Rome Scholarship and I've made it to the top 40! I'm also going to be included in an exhibition in the Mall Galleries in London which is very exciting.

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