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On the Walls - Pt. 2

Updated: May 5, 2020

Here are some more art works that we have situated around our house that hold important memories for me and have influenced my work.

This painting was done by a family friend. We went to his exhibition in Cornwall when visiting and my parents purchased this painting. I absolutely love the colours in it and the striking composition. This was also my first real look into the commercial side of art. Previously I had only ever been to galleries such as the Tate, where nothing was for sale. My 13 year old brain couldn't comprehend how much it cost. It was definitely and interesting experience.

This set of two paintings previously belonged to my great granddad who I never met. My mother inherited them when he died and they have been in our house ever since. When I was little I would often imagine walking along the paths. They look incredibly similar to some paths near our house and for a while I was convinced they were paintings of our local area. My mum, who is also an artist, is extremely influenced by these images and is working on a series involving green lanes and wormholes.

This lovely painting always hung in my parents room when I was younger. Their room had a view of the back garden which led into a small woods. Thinking back now, I'm sure that my parents decorated their room around this painting, whether consciously or not. The room was the same colour of blue as the sky in the image. What I love about this painting, is the feeling of cover. It reminds me of early mornings, when the room was still dark and cold from the single glazed glass, but the sun was almost blinding in the garden outside. I couldn't wait to get outside but for now I was content to sit under the cover and watch.

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