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On the Walls - Pt. 1

Updated: May 5, 2020

In this post, I'm going to talk about some of the images we have on the walls at home. Some of these pictures have been up as long as I can remember. Whilst I often credit my mum for my appreciation for art, many of these images have been the background in my life since I was born and, incidentally, probably influenced the way I think about art.

This sculpture of a sheep head resides in the kitchen of our house. Both my parents and grandparents have matching versions of this sheep in their houses. The sheep is treasured in my family - he gets a little collar of tinsel every Christmas. I always find animal heads a bit disturbing, especially dead ones, but this one has been in my family for so long that I don't really notice it anymore. In fact I nearly skimmed over it but it dawned on me that its very similar to the animal heads in my prints and drawings. It's interesting how these things creep up on you.

When I was around 5, my parents opened a play centre. They commissioned a local artist to paint views of the local town for the walls. Since it closed, the paintings now live with us. I remember going with my mum when she first got them. It was a very exciting day. I hate to say it but I now loathe these paintings. They are perfectly nice, striking yet calm in a way that was perfect for the play centre. Yet they also remind me of a time when my parents were extremely stressed. I'm no longer a fan.

This turtle print was bought for my mother's birthday when I was around 15. I absolutely love this piece. It's so incredibly detailed that I could spend hours looking at it. Every time I look, I spot another detail that I hadn't noticed before. It's definitely one of my influences when drawing, as I have been doing recently, with fine liner.

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