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Final colour prints

When I was choosing colours for my print of the horse skull woman, I wanted to have light base colour but a relatively dark colour on top of that. I wanted the second colour to be darker so that when I put the black key image over the top, the bits where it didn't etch as I expected it to fill in. In the end I made four variations of the colours I chose:

When printing these images, I got a bit of wet on wet rejection which meant some of the ink didn't stick onto the ink that was already on the paper. We tried brushing the surface of the paper with magnesium powder but it didn't seem to work. However, I don't think it made too much of an effect on the final image.

The ones that worked best were the green one and the pink on cream one. The orange one worked as well but I think that's because it was a lighter colour so you can see the detail in the black better. I should have made the darker layers a little lighter I think, so that the drawing in black is more obvious.

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