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Adding colour

Printing my plate revealed that the section I was worried about showed up darker than I thought. Overall I think it looks good but I would still like that bit to be darker. My tutor suggested that I could counter etch it however I think I'm going to leave it since I have decided that I want to add colour. You can see the black and white print below:

To add colour, I'm going to use photoplates. I think I'm going to do two colours, one a light creamish that will cover the whole back ground, and another which will be darker and cover everything except the skull and the top. To do this, I'm going to cut out the desired shapes from black paper then cover the photoplate with these shapes to expose it. The parts of the plate which were covered will then print colour. I'm hoping to get a good effect with this, since this will be my first time using colour in lithography. I don't want it to look too modern or take away from the vintage feel my prints have. However, this might open some doors for me so in excited to try it out.

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