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I've started a new stone with the intentions to play with colour. I was talking to my tutor last week and they said that I should probably experiment with colour a bit, since my work has been in black and white so far. The plan is to create a glitch effect on the main figure by posterising it with two contrasting colours. To do this I need to draw up the stone first, then print an image using it. I then need to draw over the print on something see through and expose it on a photo plate. I'm very excited to do this since it's a completely new process for me to learn.

I've also been working on a litho plate at home for a week or so. It's different to using stone - I'm not sure if I like it as much! It feels more finicky than stone since you can't lean on it or scratch into it. However, I think the drawing has turned out good enough. I've done it in an oval shape this time. I might try to tint the background. I'll see how it etches first.

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