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The stones I've dropped off have been etched and proofed for me by my tutors. They look great, especially the pig one and the ghost children. I might still try and scratch into them a bit because they look a bit dark in places, especially in the face of the baby in the child one. I think I'll try and do it after easter since that is when they're supposedly letting us back in the studios.

In the mean time I've been working on some more stones. My next stone is about done. It is based on a nightmare I had a while ago. The image I am working from had some light reflections from the eyes so I decided to enchance that and add it to all the people looking at the camera. I also covered everyone not facing the camera with a sheet. I think that, currently, my work is leaning towards this idea of the discomfort of being constantly watched. A lot of my pieces have figures in the background, watching the scene play out. I think theres also a kind of voyeuristic twist in that the audience is also watching the scene happen. The pieces are based off photographs, which gives the sense that the person who took them stood and watched instead of doing anything. I might try to explore this further. There's something uncomfortable about being seen.

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