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Back in the studio

Coming back to uni is relieving to say the least. It's great to have a sense of normalcy (even if we all have to wear masks) and to be able to talk to my tutors. I'm ready to really get stuck into lithography this year. I really want to learn the ins and outs of it, even if it blows my brain!

Since starting I have managed to draw up my first stone. Its based on a drawing I did during lockdown. I did two of the same kind of theme, each based on the idea of looking in or out on someone. I hated the feeling that everyone was either out doing things or inside adhering to the rules.

After drawing my print it was time for the first etch. It seemed that where I had placed the tusche (especially where I had scratched back into the stone) it had kind of stuck and seemed to be a bit blocky. Because of this, I scratched even more into it and etched it a third time.

After ammending the stone it was time to print. The final image turned out really well, but I still see room for improvement. I cant wait to get back into this process and really explore the kind of effects I can make with it.

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